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Om Prakash Nehlia

Mr. Omprakash Nehlia brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to our organization. With a 12 years of experience in real estate. He has been instrumental in driving our company's vision and growth.

As our Managing Director, Mr. Omprakash Nehlia is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the company and ensuring that our mission to make people explore property tours, market trends, expert advice and much more is achieved. He is known for his hardwork and pillar strength of company.

Mr. Omprakash Nehlia is committed to fostering innovation and ensuring that our team consistently delivers top-notch services or products to our clients. His dedication to excellence sets Nehlia Realtors LLP on a path to continued success.






With the desire to invest and to provide the best, Nehlia Realtors feels proud to become a partner in building the beautiful aesthetic and lavish city. Owned by Mr Ashok Nehlia, the 10 years of best known in the field of real estate markets and also capable of handling all the ups and downs came suddenly in the business.

Also is experienced enough to suggest to the clients his best suggestions when things come to profitable investments. With a supportive and prudent group of legal advisors, Nehlia Realtors works well by following all the rules and clauses so as to provide its client with a fruitful and clean deal.

He is never desperate in earning but focuses on maintaining a perfect end-to-end bond with our clients with our correct supervision and far-sighted views. 



About Company


It is one of the basic necessity-related dreams to own a commercial or residential property like shops or houses and out of that to own the property in a metro city is a more lavish choice. But, While looking to invest in property, one thing that binds the people is that this big and important deal should be done with some genuine and trustable sources. Often people invest their whole life savings to fulfill their needs and dreams of having a dream house as per their need and choice and also the sentiments they invest.

People often find a property with the combination of the lowest price, trustable sources, cutting-edge technology and 5-star rating customer support services, till the proper undertaking of the house and flats. So, Nehlia Realtors is one of the best realtors situated in Gurgaon that will not only provide you with a profitable deal with the best site and locations but also their way of dealing is unique. Here, we care for your sentiments and look to save your money at every nook and corner. As you will get the proper assistance of Mr Ashok Nehlia, the chairman and director of Nehlia Realtor. He is experienced with 10 years in the field of real estate business.

He won many awards while providing the appropriate matches of the residence and plots to their clients. Mr Nehlia is well known in all the corners of Gurgaon and has ample knowledge about the nearby local and advanced areas. Pros and cons can never save you from getting your money back once it got invested and hence to show smart moves it is important for you to choose the genuine site to deal with for your dream house. At Nehlia Realtor’s we will not only show you the properties but will introduce our advanced and smart construction materials and innovative ideas of our well-trained team of builders.

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